Four years ago, I review the first revision of Relio and now it’s the turn of second generation. I’m so excited to start with it, because it’s difficult to think how to improve the first revision of Relio. And the answer is easy, offer more functionality keeping the best of original Relio. Continue reading the review if you want to know all of new features of this small led light.


  • Model number R401
  • Available wavelengths 3500K, 4000K, 5700K, 660nm, 590nm, 520nm, 470nm, 450nm, 850nm, 1050nm, full- spectrum IR850~1050nm, 360nm, 395nm
  • CPU ARM Cortex M0 32bit 40MHz, with integrated Bluetooth® LE 4.2 antenna
  • Certification standards CE, FCC, RoHS, Bluetooth SIG, CRI, TLCI, CQS, TM-30-15, CIE1931, CIE1976, IEC- SDCM
  • Calibration device Asensetek Lightning Passport Pro
  • Wavelength: ±0.5nm
  • X,Y: ± 0.002 @ 1000lux
  • Lux: ±3%
  • CCT: ±2%
  • Spectrometries are public Yes Light Quality Report available to download
  • LED lamp predicted life >50000h At ambient temperatures up to 40ºC
  • Total MTBF >200000h Estimated
  • LED is upgradeable in the future Yes We‘ll contact our customers when new LED modules will become available (TBD)
  • Optics type TIR + Honeycomb pattern
  • Optics material Clear PMMA Heat-resistant up to 80ºC
  • Optics aperture (nominal) 10º, 25º, 60º, 90º, 10×70º Nominal aperture, not FWHM
  • Optics are user-swappable Yes Via the included Hex-key tool
  • Optics are upgradeable in the future Yes
  • Body materials AL 6082 “Anticorodal“ aluminum alloy, AISI 316L low-carbon stainless steel alloy
  • Surface treatment MIL-A-8625F Spec. Type III sulfuric acid hard-anodizing, 30µm, carbon black
  • Magnets attraction force 9.32kgf total 4 magnets, 2.33kgf each
  • Magnets are user-removable Yes Via the included Hex-key tool
  • Power supply
  • +4 ~ +15V DC
  • Continuous protection: ±25V
  • Transient protection (0.1s): ±60V
  • Overshoot protection (10ms): 20kV
  • Logic-level input
  • +3V ~ +5V DC
  • Continuous protection: ±25V
  • Transient protection (0.1s): ±60V
  • Overshoot protection (10ms): 20kV
  • Logic-level input is on USB Data+ pin; USB Data- pin is NC
  • Power consumption 5Wh @ 100% brightness
  • Body-radiated heat 2W @ 100% brightness; estimated, not including visible light energy emitted by the LED
  • Temperature, Operating 0ºC ~ 60ºC Temperature gradient (non-condensing): 20ºC/h
  • Temperature, Non-Operating -20ºC ~ 70ºC Temperature gradient (non-condensing): 30ºC/h
  • Dust and water resistance IP53 With magnetic microUSB plug-end inserted, otherwise IP42
  • Integrated battery No
  • LED light ripple <2% @ 750kHz @ full range of brightness, using a high-quality power source
  • Total electrical efficiency ~90% @ 100% brightness
  • Flicker-free up to 10000 fps
  • Light control Pure current drive No PWM modulation
  • External, logic-level brightness control PWM @ 20kHz Incoming PWM is RC-integrated to a voltage curve
  • Bluetooth App iOS, Android Google Chrome® web browser controller is coming soon thanks to Chrome’s implementation of WebBLE APIs
  • Bluetooth range 10m Up to 5m inside, up to 10m outside; varies depending on environment, placement and control device used
  • Bluetooth antenna can be switched off Yes Achieved by enabling “Secure Mode” inside Relio² App
  • Bluetooth license Yes, official Bluetooth SIG license ID: D039827
  • Brightness dimming curve Proprietary Inspired by CIE1931 scotopic curve
  • Integrated thread UNC 1/4-20 US ANSI B 1.1 standard, 7mm length
  • Bluetooth API is public Yes BLE API documentation available to download
  • Published 3D accessories license Creative-Commons-CC
  • Engineering and manufacturing Made in Italy

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